“Frottage” Collage

Frottage Collage Art by Kim Bauer
“Mountain Storm Triptych” **SOLD**

This was my first set of Collage’s.  My inspiration for this set was our winters in the Okanagan Mountains and my pressed fern leaves I had in my studio from last summer travels to Gabriola Island.  I was exploring the art of “frottage” (rubbings) and layering papers to create a collage.  Everything came together beautifully when I included other natural rubbings in the piece such as bark and pine needles I had collected.  I was hooked!

“Mountain Storm” 2017 *SOLD*


Other examples of “Frottage” Rubbings… The graphite rubbings on this is one are created from a loved ones crystal dishes, lids and canning jar details. They were rubbed onto tissue paper and glued down onto watercolour paper with an acid free glue stick. A photo was added and music paper, tissue and stitching complete the collage.  Taking a group or collection of old photos and creating this type of collage would look amazing as a keepsake book.

2017-02-23 10.30.03
Memory Piece- Frottage Collage

This one focuses on layers of dictionary and music paper with stitched on tissue rubbings of old buckles and fasteners.  Embellishments of pearl buttons are added.

2015-11-16 12.41.23
Memory Piece- Frottage Collage

There are so many possibilities when you include graphite rubbing in your art, truly endless.  This past weekend I hosted the first frottage collage skillshare class.  We played with pressed fern  and cedar leaves and added dictionary pictures for whimsy.  Take a look…

2017-10-21 15.01.58














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